In Office Appointment

The majority of sessions are a 60 minute in office appointment.

Sometimes we need less or extra time to accomplish the work.

Together we decide if/when that is necessary.

Out of Office Appointment

Meeting a client or family at their home, school, lawyer’s office, court, hospital, police station,

or any other location that is necessary or appropriate to treatment can be arranged.

These appointments typically last longer than 60 minutes and require travel on my part,

so planning ahead is necessary.

In an emergency, we will do our best to work together to accommodate the situation.

Phone Call / Phone Session

I receive calls 24/7. I usually return calls the same day or within 24 hours.

Phone sessions are available as needed. Typically a phone session will take place if

the client is sick and can’t make it into the office, is out of town, away at college, is having

an emergency situation, or needs to discuss a pressing issue before the next appointment.

With the client’s request and consent, I will reach out to other professionals on behalf of or regarding

the client and their concerns.

Phone sessions extend past a brief call to schedule/cancel an appointment.


Email: Strongly discouraged as a means of the therapeutic process. Typically used to share documentation

or to stay informed in regards to communication between multiple parties.

Texting: Only available in special or emergency situations in which a personal number will be provided.

The main phone number to reach me is a landline and does not receive or forward texts.

Video chat: Offered in special or emergency situations when a phone session will not suffice.

Court and Legal Related Attendance or Testimony

These services are provided at the client’s request or through a subpoena.

Written Document

Letters, Reports, Diagnosis, Assessment, Psychological Evaluation, Treatment Summary, etc,

are typical types of requested documentation.